Xenolecia cataractarum Fryday
in, Fryday & Thüs Lichenologist 49(4): 366. 2017

Thallus: creamy-white, with distinct, obscurely effigurate margin with a blue-black prothallus. Medulla I-.
Apothecia: numerous,dark brown, innate with concave disc.
Ascus: Porpidia-type.
Hymenium: composed of thin (1 µm wide), branched and anastomosing paraphyses. Epihymenium greenish-brown
Hypothecium: brown
Ascospores: simple, broadly ellipsoid, 12-15 x 6-8 µm.
Conidiomata pycnidia; black, immersed. Conidia filiform, 20-25 x 1 µm

Chemistry: Thallus K+ red; norstictic acid by TLC.

Notes: Several collections from near a waterfall on Mt Honey, Campbell Island (NZ).

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Thallus and apothecia