Tephromela eatonii (Cromb.) Hertel
Beitr. Nova Hedw. 79: 456. 1984.

Basionym: Lecidea eatonii Cromb., J. Bot. 13: 334. 1875.



Ecology and distribution. Known from Kerguelen, Marion Island, and Bouvotya.

Notes. Although this species has lecideine apothecia, the ascus structure is clearly Bacidia/Biatora-type and, therefore, is retained in Tephromela.
The lectotype designated by Hertel (1984) could not be located in BM. The single collection there collected by Eaton from Kerguelen and identified as this taxon, along with a specimen in E, has a yellow thallus and Lecanora-type asci and is Lecanora disjungenda.

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and apothecia
C. eatonii with
T. atrocaesia
Section in K