Thallus: Areolate, consisting of contiguous grey to ochracous flat to conves areoles. Medulla I+ mauve.
Apothecia: black, umbonate when young with a striate margin, becoming gyrose when mature. Thecium of narrow (1–1.5 µm wide), branched and anastomosing paraphyses, not widening at apex; epihymenium brownish. Ascus Porpidia-type, ascospores simple, hyaline, non-halonate, 12–14 x 5–6µm. Hypothecium hyaline.
Conidia .

Chemistry: No substances by tlc.

Distribution and Ecology: Known from a single collection from damp silicous rocks in Tasmania..

Notes: Similar to Poeltiara urbanskyana but with much smaller ascospores.

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Thallus and apothecia
Young apothecia
Section of thallus
Thallus section
Thallus section