Thallus: pale yellow, thin, rimose-areolate
Apothecia: black, disc sometimes brown, flat with persistent, barely raised margin, 0.3-0.3 mm diam.
Epihymenium: dark purplish-red
Hymenium: streaked purplish-red
Hypothecium: purplish-red
Excipulum: purplish-red internally, hyaline at outer rim
Ascospores: 1-septate, hyaline, (14-)16-21 x 6.5-9 µm

Chemistry: no substances by TLC

Distribution and Ecology: Campbell Island: five collections (three localities)from Myrsine.

Notes: Similar to M. melanopotamica but with darker hypothecium and paler excipulum.

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Section in K

Section in 10% HCl

Section in 50%HNO3