Thallus: creramy to whitish, verrucose-rimose to ±furfuraceous, very variable.
Apothecia: black, constricted at base, usually with pruinose disk and often with a yellowish-orange margin.
Epihymenium: greenish-blue
Hymenium: hyaline
Hypothecium: hyaline to pale straw coloured
Excipulum: hyaline to pale straw coloured
Ascospores: 1-septate, hyaline, (14-)15-19(-22) x 6-7(9-) µm

Chemistry: atranorin and usually zeorin.

Distribution and Ecology: Common and widespread in New Zealand.

Notes: A very variable species.

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Thallus and apothecia
Young Apothecium
Mature Apothecium
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