Thallus corticolous or terricolous rarely, on mossy rocks, occurring as small to large cushions, occasionally forming extensive patches on soil, to 1 m wide, morphology very variable, of elongate, fertile erect extended primary branches with shorter, thinner, sterile ▒ richly branched almost corymbose secondary branches. Primary branches terete, elongate, sparsely to frequently branched, to 7 cm tall, 0.6-1.2 mm wide, surface shining, pale white or greenish-white to fawn or yellowish-brown, cortex papery, thin, 30-45 Ám covered by a thin (2-3 Ám) epicortex. Medulla partially fused and forming a dense central strand.
Apothecia terminal 0.5-1.5 mm diam., subglobose to globose, mazaedium apical; ascospores spherical hyaline to greyish, 6.5-10 Ám.

Chemistry: K-, C-, KC-, Pd-. Sphaerophorin.

[Description adapted from Flora of New Zealand: Lichens (Galloway 1985)

Ecology and distribution. Terricolous. Widespread in southern South America, Australia and New Zealand.

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