Thallus: not apparent; immersed in substratum.
Apothecia: frequent, black, lecideine, 0.2-0.24(-0.6) Ám across, sessile, flat with a persistent raised margin.
Hymenium: composed of simple or sparingly branched, distinctly capitate paraphyses that are lax in K; epihymenium brown (H+ brown, N+ red) to dark blue-green (H+ blue, N+ red).
Hypothecium: hyaline, but with numerous minute brown crystals dissolving in K.
Ascus: Biatora-type.
Ascospores: simple, globose, 4-6µm diam.
Exciple: hyaline but with numerous minute brown crystals dissolving in K; composed of thin anastomosing hyphae with enlarged cortical cells.

Chemistry: not tested.

Several collections from decorticate wood and Empetrum stems from the Falkland Islands (MSC). Also reported from the northern hemisphere (as L. antiloga).

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Thallus and
Thecium in K
and spores
Exciple in water
Exciple in K
Ascus and