Similar to L. capistrata but typically, with a smooth, continuous-rimose clear yellow thallus and apothecia with a persistent, raised proper margin with a much more developed exciple, and with with shorter, bacilliform conidia 10-15(-18) µm long.

Known only from the Falkland Islands, although several collections from Campbell Island refered to L. capistrata by Imshaug probably belong here..

Lecidea protracta apparently differs from Lecanora xantholeuca only in having pruinose apothecia that react Pd+ orange in section. As the type species of L. protracta has mostly non-pruinose apothecia I consider this insufficient grounds to recognise L. protracta as a distinct species and included it as a synonym of Lecanora xantholeuca.
Hertel (1984) transfered Lecidea protracta to Lecidella but commented that it was very close to the Lecanora marginata group and that better developed material was required. Later (1992) he actually annotated the type species "Lecanora protracta", although he never published that combination.

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Thallus and
Exciple in K
Thecium in K
L. capistrata/
L. xantholeuca
L. capistrata/
L. xantholeuca