Thallus: widespreading, creamy-yellow, pale bluish-grey prothallus at margin and sometimes between areoles, c 0.5 mm thick.
Apothecia: small, blue-black, 0.2-0.3 mm diam, proper margin absent, immersed in the thallus.
Thecium: c. 400 Ám thick.
Asci: Lecanora-type.
Ascospores: simple, hyaline 9-12 x 5-6 Ám.

Chemistry: protocetraric acid and atranorin by TLC.

Described from Kerguelen. Several collections from Campbell Island and the Auckland Islands.

The deep-rooted apothecia and presence of protocetraric acid indicate that this species occupies an isolated in Lecanora. The genus Diomedella Hertel (1984) is available for this species and the related L. demersa (Kremp.) Hertel and L. disjungenda (Cromb.) Hertel.

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Thallus and apothecia