Thallus: Consisting of dispersed concave to flat, pale- to red-brown areoles on a black hyophallus that is completely dissolved into thalloconidia. Medulla I+ mauve.
Apothecia: black, brownish when wet, immersed with a thin proper margin. Thecium of narrow (1–1.5 µm wide), branched and anastomosing paraphyses, not widening at apex; epihymenium brownish. Ascus Porpidia-type, ascospores simple, hyaline, non-halonate, 16–18 x 6–8 µm. Hypothecium brown (K+ golden-brown).
Conidia thalloconidia, blue-black, ca. 6 µm diam.

Chemistry: 2'-O-methylperlatolic and ±confluentic acids by tlc.

Distribution and Ecology: Known from only two collections from mountainous sites on the Falkland Islands.

Notes: Similar in gross morphology to Poeltidea perusta, with which it often occurs, but separated from that species by the rough hypothallus consisting of thalloconidia and its smaller, hyaline ascospores. Differs from all other species of Immersaria by the extensive hypothallus composed of thalloconidia.

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Thallus and apothecia