Thallus: thin and gelatinous, discontinuous, dark brown.
Photobiont: yellowish, ▒in vertical columns.
Perithecia: flat, with thick spreading involucrellum, 0.15-0.2(-0.25) mm diam.
Exciple: brown, K+ gray-green.
Ascospores: hyaline, 1-septate, cells unequal, 15-17 x 6-7 Ám.

Ecology and distribution. On siliceous, coastal rocks. Falkland Islands (Weddell Island), southern Chile (Brunswick Peninsula). Widespread on coastal rocks in the Northern Hemisphere. Southern Hemisphere distribution uncertain because of previous confusion with C. foveolatum and C. sublitorale, which occur on calcareous substrata (limestone, barnacle shells, etc.).

Notes: The combination into Collemopsidium by Grube & Ryan is illegitimate because they did not cite the place of publication of the basionym.

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Thallus and Perithecia

Thallus and Perithecia

Perithecium in Water

Perithecium in K