Catillaria coprosmae Imshaug in sched.

Thallus: immersed
Apothecia: blue-black, 0.2-0.3 mm diam., flat with slightly raised margin
Epihymenium: blue-green (HCl + blue, N+ red)
Thecium: ca. 40 Ám
Hypothecium: hyaline
Exciple: narrow, branched and anastomosing hyphae, hyaline with blue-green pigment in patches
Spores: hyaline, 0(-1) septate, with parallel sides and rounded ends, 12-14x 4-5 Ám

Chemistry: nothing by TLC

Distribution & Ecology: Campbell Island: two collections from Coprosma

Notes: Possibly referable to Carbonea or Lecidella

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