Thallus effuse, thick, granular orange-brown thallus.
Apothecia sessile and ±constricted below, usually irregular in outline and often clustered into groups; marginate with ±plain disc, black (even when wet), epruinose.
Exciple densely pigmented dark brown and not clearly delimited from the hypothecium, K± purple intensifying, N+ red.
Hymenium 45–52 µm tall, hyaline or dilute purple-brown; epithecium not or only poorly differentiated, dilute brown, K+ green-grey, HCl + purple, N+ red. Paraphyses ±simple, c. 1.5–2 µm in mid-hymenium; not swollen at apices.
Hypothecium mostly concolorous with exciple or somewhat paler brown, K+ purple-red, HCl+ brown, N+ red. .
Ascospores hyaline, ±straight, acicular (27-)36-45 × 3–3.5 µm, 6-7 septate.

Chemistry. Thallus K–, C–, KC–, P–.

Distribution and ecology: Known from the Falkland Islands, where it grows on coastal siliceous rocks, Bouvet Island and Antarctica.

Notes: Readily identified macroscopically by its thick, granular orange-brown thallus and black apothecia in clusters.

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Apothecia section in K

Apothecia section in HCl

Apothecia section in N