Thallus: dispersed, creamy-yellow areoles
Apothecia: black,
Epihymenium: blue-black
Hypothecium: light red-brown
Exciple: carbonaceous, purplish
Ascospores: acicular, rounded at one end, (3)57 septate, (30)3548 x 2.53.5 m, not spiral in ascus

Chemistry: not tested

Distribution & Ecology: Falkland Islands: five collections (two localities) from maritime rocks near Stanley.

Notes: The apothecia are usually associated with colonies of cyanobacteria, which are also scattered over the rest of the thallus.

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Thallus and Apothecia
Apothecial section
Thecium in K
Paraphyses and spores
Cyanobacteria in K