A checklist is presented of all the known lichen species that occur in Michigan, compiled primarily from the collections at the Michigan State University Herbarium (MSC), with additions from the herbaria of the University of Michigan (MICH) and Minnesota (MIN).

The last complete list of the lichens recorded from Michigan was in the Lichens of the Straits Counties, Michigan (Harris, R.C. 1977; published by the author), which also provided keys to all the species. Harris only accepted records supported by herbarium specimens and was aware that many areas were under-recorded, in particular, the rich saxicolous flora of the Upper Peninsula. He recognized that his total of 610 taxa (of which c. 50 were undescribed) was too low and that 'the total for the state might be as high as 700'. In fact, even this has proved to be an under-estimate as the current list includes nearly 800 taxa. This far exceeds the c. 550 recorded from Minnesota (Wetmore unpublished) and the 662 from Wisconsin (Thomson 2003) and makes the lichen flora of Michigan the most extensive of any of the Great Lakes states.

    This current list has been compiled from three different sources:

 i) specimens held in the herbaria of Michigan State University (MSC), the University of Minnesota (MIN), and the University of Michigan (MICH)

 ii) species lists for the 3 National Parks in Michigan (Isle Royale, Pictured Rocks and Sleeping Bear Dunes) published on the internet by Drs C.M. Wetmore & J. Bennett.(

 iii) recent published literature records

     This provisional checklist includes 184 genera of lichenized fungi, comprising 790 species, 6 subspecies, 2 varieties and 1 forma. Also included are 12 genera that include only non-lichenized taxa. These are either lichenicolous fungi (12 species), or non-lichenized fungi (21 species) that resemble lichenized taxa and are likely to be encountered by those studying lichens. The list is in no way definitive - many of the records included in the present list are in need of confirmation and we welcome comments and corrections. We acknowledge Award No DBI-9808735 (Alan Prather, PI) from the US National Science Foundation, and the help and assistance of Dr C.M. Wetmore, who also kindly made available to us data of all the lichen collections from Michigan held in MIN.

     Nomenclature mostly follows the last published Checklist of North American Lichens (Esslinger 1995), with synonyms given when a more recent name is used.

     Anyone wishing to identify lichens in Michigan would be well advised to consult Harris's publication mentioned above. Although it is now rather out of date, especially with regard to nomenclature, it is still by far the best and most comprehensive work available. Also worthy of mention are Julie Medlin's book Michigan Lichens (see references below), which is an excellent introduction with good color photographs but includes only a small percentage of the species present in the state, and John Thomson's Lichens of Wisconsin (see below). Also of use are Cliff Wetmore's unpublished Keys to the lichens of Minnesota. Other references to identifying N. American lichens in general can be found at

        A more detailed version of this list, containing details of voucher specimens for each taxon, has been published in Contributions from the University of Michigan Herbarium23: 145-223.  The current list also differs in containing details of additional taxa not included in the published list and will be updated at regular intervals.

Michigan Lichen Checklist


*Abrothallus De Not.
*parmeliarum (Sommerf.) Arnold 1

Absconditella Vezda
lignicola Vezda & Pisút

Acarosporsa A. Massal.
americana H. Magn. 1
badiofusca (Nyl.) Th. Fr. 1
canadensis H. Magn.
fuscata (Schrader) Arnold
glaucocarpa (Ach.) Körber
immersa Fink
macrospora (Hepp) Bagl.
oligospora (Nyl.) Arnold
smaragdula (Wahlenb.) A. Massal.

Acrocordia A. Massal.
cavata (Ach.) R. C. Harris 1
conoidea (Fr.) Körber 9
gemmata (Ach.) A. Massal 1
megalospora (Fink) R. C. Harris

Ahtiana Goward
aurescens (Tuck.) Thell & Randlane 1

Allocetraria Kurokawa & Lai
oakesiana (Tuck.) Randlane & Thell 1

Amandinea M. Choisy ex Scheid. & H. Mayrh
dakotensis (H. Magn.) P. May & Sheard (Sheard & May 1997) (syn. Rinodina d., R. finkii, R. inaequalis,R. pennsylvanica, R. subplumbea, R. subpyriniformis)
milliaria (Tuck.) P. May & Sheard (syn. Rinodina m.) 1
punctata (Hoffm.) Coppins & Scheid. 1

Amygdalaria Norman
panaeola (Ach.) Hertel & Brodo1

Anaptychia Körber
palmulata (Michaux) Vainio1
setifera Räsänen1

Anisomeridium Müll. Arg.) M. Choisy
biforme (Borrer) R. C. Harris1
carinthiacum (Steiner) R.C. Harris
leucochlorum (Müll. Arg.) R. C. Harris
polypori (Ellis & Everh.) M. E. Barr (syn. A. nyssaegenum (Ellis & Everh.) R. C. Harris1

Anzia Stizenb.
colpodes (Ach.) Stizenb.

Arctoparmelia Hale
centrifuga (L.) Hale1
subcentrifuga (Oksner) Hale1

Arthonia Ach.
byssacea (Weigel) Almq.1
caesia (Flotow) Körber1
cytisi A. Massal. 14
didyma Körber1
diffusa Nyl. 14
diffusella Fink1
dispersa (Schrader) Nyl.1
fuliginosa (Schaerer) Flotow1
*intexta Almq.1
lapidicola (Taylor) Branth & Rostrup 9
patellulata Nyl.1
punctiformis Ach.1
radiata (Pers.) Ach.1
spadicea Leighton1
vinosa Leighton
willeyi Tuck.

Arthopyrenia A. Massal.
?cinereopruinosa (Schaerer) A. Massal.

Arthothelium A. Massal.
hallii (Tuck.) Zahlbr.
ruanum (A. Massal.) Körber 9
spectabile A. Massal1

Arthrohaphis Th. Fr.
citrinella (Ach.) Poelt

Arthrosporum A. Massal.
populorum A. Massal.1

Aspicilia A. Massal.
caesiocinerea (Nyl. ex Malbr.) Arnold1
cinerea (L.) Körber1
contorta (Hoffm.) Kremp.1
gibbosa (Ach.) Körber1
grisea Arnold
laevata (Ach.) Arnold1
limitata (H. Magn.) J. W. Thomson
supertegens Arnold

Bacidia De Not.
bagliettoana (A. Massal. & De Not.) Jatta1
circumspecta (Norrlin & Nyl. ex Vainio) Malme1
diffracta S. Ekman 5
laurocerasi (Delise ex Duby) Zahlbr. subsp. laurocerasi1
polychroa (Th. Fr.) Körber1
rosella (Pers.) De Not.1
rubella (Hoffm.) A. Massal.1
schweinitzii (Fr. ex E. Michener) A. Schneider1
subincompta (Nyl.) Arnold 8
suffusa (Fr.) A. Schneider1
trachona (Ach.) Lettau 8

Bacidina Vezda
inundata (Fr.) Vezda1

Baeomyces Pers.
rufus (Hudson) Rebent.1

Bellemerea Hafellner & Roux
cinereofuscens (Ach.) Clauzade & Roux

Biatora Fr.
albohyalina (Nyl.) Bagl. & Carestia
anthracophila (Nyl.) Hafellner1
botryosa Fr.
[carneoalbida (Müll. Arg.) Coppins]
chrysantha (Zahlbr.) Printzen in V. Wirth
efflorescens (Hedl.) Räsänen1
[epixanthoides (Müll. Arg.) Diederich]
helvola (Körber) Hellbom1
[sphaeroides (Dickson) Körber]
turgidula (Fr.) Nyl.1
vernalis (L.) Fr.1

Biatoropsis Räsänen
usnearum Räsänen

Bryoria Brodo & D. Hawksw.
capillaris (Ach.) Brodo & D. Hawksw.1
chalybeiformis (L.) Brodo & D. Hawksw1
furcellata (Fr.) Brodo & D. Hawksw.1
fuscescens (Gyelnik) Brodo & D. Hawksw.1
implexa (Hoffm.) Brodo & D. Hawksw.1
trichodes (Michaux) Brodo & D. Hawksw. subsp. trichodes1
trichodes subsp. americana (Mot.) Brodo & D. Hawksw.1

Bryophagus Nitschke ex Arnold
gloeocapsa Nitschke ex Arnold 4

Buellia De Not.
arnoldii Servít & Nádv.1
dialyta (Nyl.) Tuck1
disciformis (Fr.) Mudd1
lauricassiae (Fée) Müll. Arg.1
polyspora (Willey) Vainio
schaereri De Not.1
spuria (Schaerer) Anzi1
stillingiana J. Steiner1
turgescens Tuck.1

Calicium Pers.
abietinum Pers.1
glaucellum Ach.1
lenticulare Ach.
parvum Tibell1
salicinum Pers.1
trabinellum (Ach.) Ach.1

Caloplaca Th. Fr.
ahtii Søchting
arenaria (Pers.) Müll. Arg.1
atroalba (Tuck.) Zahlbr.
cerina (Ehrh. ex Hedwig) Th. Fr.1
chrysodeta (Vainio ex Räsänen) Dombr. 9
chrysophthalma Degel.1
cirrochroa (Ach.) Th. Fr. 21
citrina (Hoffm.) Th. Fr.
cladodes (Tuck.) Zahlbr.
conversa (Hoffm.) Th. Fr.
discolor (Willey) Fink
epithallina Lynge1
feracissima H. Magn. 9
ferruginea Huds.) Th. Fr.1
flavorubescens (Huds.) J. R. Laundon1
flavovirescens (Wulfen) Dalla Torre & Sarnth1
fraudans (Th. Fr.) H. Olivier 14
grimmiae (Nyl.) H. Olivier
holocarpa (Hoffm. ex Ach.) Wade
invadens Lynge 14
microphyllina (Tuck.) Hasse 9, 14
obliterans (Nyl.) Blomb. & Forss.1
oxfordensis Fink 21
parvula Wetmore 18
pollinii (A. Massal.) Jatta1
saxicola (Hoffm.) Nordin 21
sideritis (Tuck.) Zahlbr.1
sinapisperma (Lam. & DC.) Maheu & A. Gillet1, 9
stellata Wetmore & Kärnefelt 21
ulmorum (Fink) Fink1
vitellinula (Nyl.) H. Olivier1
xanthotigmoidea (Räsänen) Zahlbr.

Candelaria A. Massal.
concolor (Dickson) Stein1
fibrosa (Fr.) Müll. Arg.

Candelariella A. Massal.
aurella (Hoffm.) Zahlber.1
efflorescens R.C. Harris & W.R. Buck1
vitellina (Hoffm.) Müll. Arg.1
xanthostigma (Ach.) Lettau1

Canomaculina Elix & Hale
subtinctoria (Zahlbr.) Elix (syn. Rimeliella s.)1

Catillaria A. Massal.
globulosa (Flörke) Th. Fr. 9
lenticularis (Ach.) Th. Fr. 9
nigroclavata (Nyl.) Schuler1
tristis (Müll. Arg.) Arnold

Catinaria Vainio
atropurpurea (Schaerer) Vezda & Poelt1

Cetraria Ach.
arenarea Kärnefelt1
ericetorum Opiz subsp. ericetorum1
ericetorum subsp. reticulata (Räsänen) Kärnefelt1
islandica (L.) Ach. subsp. islandica1
islandica subsp. crispiformis (Räsänen) Kärnefelt1

Cetrelia Culb. & C. Culb.
cetrarioides (Duby) Culb. & C. Culb.1
chicitae (Culb.) Culb. & C. Culb.1
olivetorum (Nyl.) Culb. & C. Culb.1

Chaenotheca Th. Fr.
brachypoda (Ach.) Tibell1
brunneola (Ach.) Müll. Arg.1
chrysocephala (Turner ex Ach.) Th. Fr.1
cinerea (Pers.) Tibell1
ferruginea (Turner & Borrer) Mig.1
furfuracea (L.) Tibell1
hispidula (Ach.) Zahlbr.1
laevigata Nádv.1
phaeocephala (Turner) Th. Fr.1
stemonea (Ach.) Müll. Arg.1
trichialis (Ach.) Th. Fr.1
xyloxena Nádv.1

Chaenothecopsis Vainio
*consociata (Nádv.) A. F. W. Schmidt1
debilis (Turner & Borrer ex Sm.) Tibell1
pusilla (Ach.) A. F. W. Schmidt1
pusiola (Ach.) Vainio (syn. C. lignicola) 9
rubescens Vainio1
savonica (Räsänen) Tibell1
* viridialba (Kremp.) A. F. W. Schmidt1
viridireagens (Nádv.) A. F. W. Schmidt1

Chromatochlamys Trevisan
 muscorum (Fr.) H. Mayrh. & Poelt

Chrysothrix Mont.
candelaris (L.) J. R. Laundon1
chlorina (Ach.) J. R. Laundon 14

Cladina Nyl.
arbuscula (Wallr.) Hale & Culb.1
mitis (Sandst.) Hustich1
rangiferina (L.) Nyl.1
stellaris (Opiz) Brodo1
stygia (Fr.) Ahti1

Cladonia P. Browne
acuminata (Ach.) Norrlin1
amaurocraea (Flörke) Schaerer1
bacilliformis (Nyl.) Glück1
botrytes (K. Hagen) Willd1
brevis (Sandst.) Sandst.
caespiticia (Pers.) Flörke1
cariosa (Ach.) Sprengel1
carneola (Fr.) Fr.
caroliniana Tuck.
cenotea (Ach.) Schaerer1
cervicornis (Ach.) Flotow subsp. cervicornis1
cervicornis subsp. verticillata (Hoffm.) Ahti
chlorophaea (Flörke ex Sommerf.) Sprengel1
coccifera (L.) Willd.1
coniocraea (Flörke) Sprengel1
conista A. Evans 14
cornuta (L.) Hoffm. subsp. cornuta1
crispata (Ach.) Flotow1
cristatella Tuck.1
cryptochlorophaea Asah.1
cyanipes (Sommerf.) Nyl.1
cylindrica (A. Evans) A. Evans
dahliana Kristinsson
decorticata (Flörke) Sprengel1
deformis (L.) Hoffm.1
digitata (L.) Hoffm.1
ecmocyna Leighton 14
farinacea (Vainio) A. Evans 14
fimbriata (L.) Fr.1
floerkeana (Fr.) Flörke1
furcata (Hudson) Schrader1
gracilis (L.) Willd1
grayi G. Merr. ex Sandst1
humilis (With.) J.R. Laudon
incrassata Flörke 9
macilenta Hoffm.1
macilenta var. bacillaris (Genth.) Schaerer1
macrophylla (Schaerer) Stenh. 9
maxima (Asah.) Ahti1
merochlorophaea Asah.1
multiformis G. Merr.1)
ochrochlora Flörke 14
parasitica (Hoffm.) Hoffm.1
peziziformis (With.) J. R. Laundon1
phyllophora Hoffm.1
piedmontensis G. Merr.
pleurota (Flörke) Schaerer1
pocillum (Ach.) Grognot1
polycarpoides Nyl.1
pyxidata (L.) Hoffm1
ramulosa (With.) J. R. Laundon1
rei Schaerer1
robbinsii A. Evans
scabriuscula (Delise) Nyl1
sobolescens Nyl. ex Vainio 9
squamosa Hoffm.1
strepsilis (Ach.) Grognot
subulata (L.) F. H. Wigg.1
sulphurina (Michaux) Fr.1
symphycarpa (Flörke) Fr.1
turgida Hoffm.1
uncialis (L.) F. H. Wigg.
wainioi Savicz1

Clauzadea Hafellner & Bellem.
monticola (Ach. ex Schaerer) Hafellner & Bellem. 9

Cliostomum Fr.
griffithii (Sm.) Coppins1

Collema F. H. Wigg.
bachmanianum (Fink) Degel. 9
coccophorum Tuck. 9
conglomeratum Hoffm.
furfuraceum (Arnold) Du Rietz1
fuscovirens (With.) J.R. Laundon
glebulentum (Nyl. ex Crombie) Degel.1
limosum (Ach.) Ach.1
nigrescens (Hudson) DC.1
polycarpon Hoffm.1
pulcellum Ach. var. leucopeplum (Tuck.) Degel.1
subflaccidum Degel.1
tenax (Sw.) Ach.1
undulatum Laurer ex Flotow1

Conotrema Tuck.
urceolatum (Ach.) Tuck.1

Cresponea Egea & Torrente
chloroconia (Tuck.) Egea & Torrente1

Cyphelium Ach.
lucidum (Th. Fr.) Th. Fr.1
tigillare (Ach.) Ach.1

Cystocoleus Thwaites
ebeneus (Dillwyn) Thwaites

*Dactylospora Körber
*inquilina (Tuck.) Hafellner 1
stygia (Berk. & Curt.) Hafellner

Dermatocarpon Eschw.
luridum (With.) J. R. Laundon 1
miniatum (L.) W. Mann 1
moulinsii (Mont.) Zahlbr. 1

Dimelaena Norman
oreina (Ach.) Norman 1

Dimerella Trevisan
lutea (Dickson) Trevisan 1
pineti (Ach.) Vezda 1

Diploschistes Norman
muscorum (Scop.) R. Sant.
scruposus (Schreber) Norman 1

Diplotomma Flotow
alboatrum (Hoffm.) Flotow 1
epipolium (Ach.) Arnold 1
nivalis (Bagl. & Carestia) Hafellner 1

Endocarpon Hedwig
pulvinatum Th. Fr. 1
pusillum Hedwig 1

Ephebe Fr.
lanata (L.) Vainio 1
ocellata Hessen 1

Evernia Ach.
mesomorpha Nyl. 1
prunastri (L.) Ach. 1

Farnoldia Hertel
jurana (Schaerer) Hertel 9

Flavocetraria Kärnefelt & Thell
cucullata (Bellardi) Kärnefelt & Thell 1

Flavoparmelia Hale
baltimorensis (Gyelnik & Fóriss) Hale 14
caperata (L.) Hale 1 (MSC 233)

Flavopunctelia (Krog) Hale
flaventior (Stirton) Hale 1 (MSC 37)
soredica (Nyl.) Hale 1 (MSC 9)

Fuscopannaria P. M. Jørg.
ahlneri (P. M. Jørg.) P. M. Jørg. 1
confusa (P. M. Jørg.) P. M. Jørg.
leucophaea (Vahl) P. M. Jørg. 1
leucosticta (Tuck.) P. M. Jørg.
praetermissa (Nyl.) P. M. Jørg. 1

Graphis Adans.
scripta (L.) Ach. 1

Gyalecta Ach.
jenensis (Batsch) Zahlbr. 1
truncigena (Ach.) Hepp 1

Haematomma A. Massal
ochroleucum (Necker) J. R. Laundon var. porphyrium (Pers.) J. R. Laundon

Heterodermia Trevisan
hypoleuca (Muhl.) Trevisan 1
leucomelos (L.) Poelt 1
obscurata (Nyl.) Trevisan 1
speciosa (Wulfen) Trevisan

Hymenelia Kremp.
epulotica (Ach.) Lutzoni

Hyperphyscia Müll. Arg.
adglutinata (Flörke) H. Mayrh. & Poelt 1

Hypocenomyce M. Choisy
friesii (Ach.) P. James & Gotth. Schneider 1
scalaris (Ach.) M. Choisy 1

Hypogymnia (Nyl.) Nyl.
bitteri (Lynge) Ahti 1
physodes (L.) Nyl. 1
tubulosa (Schaerer) Hav. 1
vittata (Ach.) Parrique 14 (“ the single MI collection is a tiny individual of H. physodes, typical except that the lower surface has been chewed by herbivores” – B. McCune pers. comm 2011.)

Hypotrachyna (Vainio) Hale
revoluta (Flörke) Hale 1

Icmadophila Trevisan
ericetorum (L.) Zahlbr. 1

*Illosporum Martius
*carneum Fr. 1

Imshaugia F.S. Meyer
aleurites (Ach.) S. F. Meyer 1
placorodia (Ach.) S. F. Meyer 1

Ionaspis Th. Fr.
alba Lutzoni 13
lacustris (With.) Lutzoni 9
lavata H. Magn.

Julella Fabre
fallaciosa (Arnold) R.C. Harris 1
lactea (A. Massal.) R.C. Harris

†Kirschsteiniothelia D. Hawksw.
†aethiops (Berk. & Curt.) D. Hawksw. (syn. Microthelia micula) 1

Lasallia Mérat
papulosa (Ach.) Llano

Lecania A. Massal.
cyrtella (Ach.) Th. Fr.
dubitans (Nyl.) Th. Fr. 1
naegelii (Hepp) Diederich & v.d. Boom 1

Lecanora (Ach.)
albella (Pers.) Ach. var. albella 1
albella var. rubescens (Imshaug & Brodo) Lumbsch 1
allophana (Nyl.) 1
argentata (Ach.) Malme 1 2
caesiorubella Ach.1
caesiorubella subsp. prolifera (Fink) R. C. Harris
caesiorubella subsp. saximontana Imshaug & Brodo 1
carpinea (L.) Vainio 1
cateilea (Ach.) A. Massal. 1
cenisia Ach. 1
chlarotera Nyl. 2
chlorophaeodes Nyl 14,
cinereofusca H. Magn.2
circumborealis Brodo & Viitik 1
conizaeoides Nyl. ex Crombie 14
crenulata Hook. 14
dispersa (Pers.) Sommerf. 1
expallens Ach.
fuscescens (Sommertf.) Nyl. 1
garovaglii (Körber) Zahlbr. 1
glabrata (Ach.) Malme
hagenii (Ach.) Ach.1
hybocarpa (Tuck.) Brodo 1
impudens Degel. 1
imshaugii Brodo 2
intricata (Ach.) Ach. 1
meridionalis H. Magn. 1
muralis (Schreber) Rabenh 1
opiniconensis Brodo 1
piniperda Körber 1
polytropa (Hoffm.) Rabenh. 1
pseudistera Nyl. 9
pulicaris (Pers.) Ach. 1
rugosella Zahlbr. 1
rupicola (L.) Zahlbr. 1
saligna (Schrader) Zahlbr. 1
sambuci (Pers.) Nyl. 1
strobilina (Sprengel) Kieffer 1
subrugosa Nyl.
symmicta (Ach.) Ach. 1
thysanophora R. C. Harris
varia (Hoffm.) Ach.
wisconsinensis H. Magn. 1

Lecidea Ach.
albofuscescens Nyl. 1
atrobrunnea (Ramond ex Lam. & DC.) Schaerer 1
carnulenta (Tuck.) Fink 1
cyrtidia Tuck. 1
erythrophaea Vainio 1
fuscoatra (L.) Ach. 1
lapicida (Ach.) Ach.1
lapicida var. pantherina Ach. (syn. Lecidea lapicida) 1
lithophila (Ach.) Ach. 1
lurida (Ach.) DC. 1
nylanderi (Anzi) Th. Fr. 1
plana (J. Lahm) Nyl. 1
plebeja Nyl. 1
tessellata Flörke 1

Lecidella Körber
asema (Nyl.) Knoph & Hertel 10
carpathica Körber 1
elaeochroma (Ach.) Hazsl. 1
euphorea (Flörke) Hertel 1
patavina (A. Massal.) Knoph & Leuckert 10
stigmatea (Ach.) Hertel & Leuckert 1

Lepraria Ach.
caesioalba (de Lesd.) J. R. Laundon
eburnea Laundon
incana (L.) Ach. 14
lobificans Nyl. 1
neglecta (Nyl.) Erichsen 1

Leproloma Nyl. ex Crombie
membranaceum (Dickson) Vainio 1
vouauxii (Hue) J. R. Laundon 14

Leptogium (Ach.) Gray
arsenei Sierk 1
burnetiae C.W. Dodge 1
corticola (Taylor) Tuck. 1
cyanescens (Rabenh.) Körber 1
gelatinosum (With.) J. R. Laundon 1
lichenoides (L.) Zahlbr. 1
milligranum Sierk.
plicatile (Ach.) Leighton 1
pseudofurfuraceum P. M. Jørg. (syn. L. furfuraceum) 1
saturninum (Dickson) Nyl. 1
tenuissimum (Dickson) Körber 1

Leptorhaphis Körber
atomaria (Ach.) Szat. 1
contorta Degel. 1
epidermidis (Ach.) Th. Fr 1
parmeca (A. Massal.) Körber 1

Lichinella Nyl.
nigritella (Lettau) Moreno & Egea 1

Lithothelium Müll. Arg.
hyalosporum (Nyl.) Aptroot 1
macrosporum (R.C. Harris) Aptroot 9
phaeosporum (R.C. Harris) Aptroot 9
septemseptatum (R.C. Harris) Aptroot 9

Lobaria (Schreber) Hoffm.
pulmonaria (L.) Hoffm. 1
quercizans Michaux 1
scrobiculata (Scop.) DC. 1

Lobothallia (Clauzade & Roux) Hafellner
alphoplaca (Wahlenb.) Hafellner 1

Lopadium Körber
disciforme (Flotow) Kullhem 1

Loxospora A. Massal.
cismonica (Beltr.) Hafellner
elatina (Ach.) A. Massal. 1
ochrophaea (Tuck.) R.C. Harris
pustulata (Brodo & Culb.) R. C. Harris 1

Massalongia Körber
carnosa (Dickson) Körber

Megalaria Hafellner
laureri (Th. Fr.) Hafellner (syn. Catinaria l.) 1

Megalospora Meyen
porphyritis (Tuck.) R. C. Harris 9

Megaspora (Clauz. & Roux) Hafellner & V. Wirth
verrucosa (Ach.) Hafellner & V. Wirth

Melanelia Essl.
albertana (Ahti) Essl. 9
disjuncta (Erichsen) Essl. 1
elegantula (Zahlbr.) Essl. ) 9
exasperata (De Not.) Essl. 1
exasperatula (Nyl.) Essl 1
fuliginosa (Fr. ex Duby) Essl. 1
hepatizon (Ach.) Thell 1
infumata (Nyl.) Essl. 1
olivacea (L.) Essl. 1
panniformis (Nyl.) Essl. 1
septentrionalis (Lynge) Essl. 1
sorediata (Ach.) Goward & Ahti 1
subargentifera (Nyl.) Essl. 1
subaurifera (Nyl.) Essl. 1
subolivacea (Nyl.) Essl. 1
tominii (Oksner) Essl. 1
trabeculata (Ahti) Essl. 1

Melaspilea Nyl.
arthonioides (Fée) Nyl. 1
deformis (Schaerer) Nyl.

Menegazzia A. Massal.
terebrata (Hoffm.) A. Massal. 1

Micarea Fr.
bauschiana (Körber) V. Wirth & Vezda 9
denigrata (Fr.) Hedl. 1
endocyanea (Tuck. ex Willey) R. C. Harris 9
erratica (Körber) Hertel, Rambold & Pietschmann 1
lignaria (Ach. )Hedl. 1
melaena (Nyl.) Hedl. 1
melanobola (Nyl.) Coppins 9
misella (Nyl.) Hedl. 9
peliocarpa (Anzi) Coppins & R. Sant. 1
prasina Fr. 1

Microcalicium Vainio
ahlneri Tibell
disseminatum (Ach.) Vainio 1

Mycobilimbia Rehm.
berengeriana (A. Massal.) Hafellner & V. Wirth 1
[Biatora epixanthoides (Müll. Arg.) Diederich]1
[Biatora carneoalbida (Müll. Arg.) Coppins]1
hypnorum (Lib.) Kalb & Hafellner 1
[Biatora sphaeroides (Dickson) Körber] 14
tetramera (De Not.) W. Brunnbauer 1

Mycoblastus Norman
affinis (Schaerer) Schauer 1
sanguinarius (L.) Norman 1

Mycocalicium Vainio
albonigrum (Nyl.) Fink 1
subtile (Pers.) Szat. 1

Mycoglaena Höhnel
myricae (Nyl.) R.C. Harris 1

Mycoporum Flotow ex Nyl.
compositum (A. Massal.) R.C. Harris

Myelochroa (Asah.) Elix & Hale
aurulenta (Tuck.) Elix & Hale 1
galbina (Ach.) Elix & Hale 1
obsessa (Ach.) Elix & Hale 9

Naetrocymbe Körber
fraxini (A. Massal.) R.C. Harris (syn. Arthopyrenia f.) 8
punctiformis (Ach.) R.C. Harris (syn. Arthopyrenia p.) 1

Nephroma Ach.
bellum (Sprengel) Tuck
helveticum Ach. 1
parile (Ach.) Ach. 1
resupinatum (L.) Ach.

*Nesolechia A. Massal.
*oxyspora (Tul.) A. Massal. 1

Normandina Nyl.
pulchella (Borrer) Nyl. 1

Ochrolechia A. Massal.
androgyna (Hoffm.) Arnold 1
arborea (Kreyer) Almb. 1
mexicana Vainio
pseudopallescens Brodo
trochophora (Vainio) Oshio1
trochophora var. pruinirosella Brodo

Opegrapha Ach.
niveoatra (Borrer) J. R. Laundon 1
prosodea Ach. 1 (MSC 1)
varia Pers. 1 (MSC 7)
viridis (Pers. ex Ach.) Behlen & Desberger 1

Pachyphiale Lönnr.
fagicola (Hepp) Zwackh 1

Pannaria Delise
conoplea (Ach.) Bory 1
pezizoides (Weber) Trevisan 1
rubiginosa (Ach.) Bory 1

Parmelia Ach.
fraudans (Nyl.) Nyl. 1
omphalodes (L.) Ach. 1
saxatilis (L.) Ach. 1
squarrosa Hale 1
sulcata Taylor 1

Parmeliella Müll. Arg.
triptophylla (Ach.) Müll. Arg. 1

Parmelina Hale
quercina (Willd.) Hale 1

Parmeliopsis Nyl.
ambigua (Wulfen) Nyl. 1
capitata R. C. Harris 9
hyperopta (Ach.) Arnold

Parmotrema A. Massal.
arnoldii (Du Rietz) Hale 1
chinense (Osbeck) Hale 1
crinitum (Ach.) M. Choisy 1
hypotropum (Nyl.) Hale 9
margaritatum (Hue) Hale
perforatum (Jacq.) A. Massal.
stuppeum (Taylor) Hale
tinctorum (Delise ex Nyl.) Hale

Peltigera Willd.
aphthosa (L.) Willd. 1
canina (L.) Willd. 1
collina (Ach.) Schrader 1
degenii Gyelnik
didactyla (With.) J.R. Laundon 1
elisabethae Gyelnik 1
evansiana Gyelnik 1
horizontalis (Hudson) Baumg. 1
lepidophora (Vainio) Bitter 1
leucophlebia (Nyl.) Gyelnik 1
malacea (Ach.) Funck 1
membranacea (Ach.) Nyl. 1
neckeri Hepp ex Müll. Arg. 1
Peltigera neopolydactylon (Gyelnik) Gyelnik
polydactylon (Necker) Hoffm. 1
ponojensis Gyelnik
praetextata (Flörke ex Sommerf.) Zopf 1
rufescens (Weiss) Humb. 1
scabrosa Th. Fr. 9
venosa (L.) Hoffm. 1

Pertusaria DC.
alpina Hepp ex Ahles 1
amara (Ach.) Nyl. 1
consocians Dibben (inc P. cupressi Dibben in sched.) 1
dactylina (Ach.) Nyl. 1
leioplaca DC. 1
macounii (Lamb) Dibben 1
multipunctoides Dibben 1
neoscotica Lamb 1
oculata (Dickson) Th. Fr. 1
ophthalmiza (Nyl.) Nyl. 1
propinqua Müll Arg.
pustulata (Ach.) Duby 1
rubefacta Erichsen 1
sommerfeltii (Flörke ex Sommerf.) Fr. 1
trachythallina Erichsen 1
velata (Turner) Nyl. 1
waghornei Hulting 1

Phaeocalicium A. F. W. Schmidt
compressulum (Nyl. ex Szat.) A. F. W. Schmidt 1
curtisii (Tuck.) Tibell 1
polyporaeum (Nyl.) Tibell 1
populneum (Brond. ex Duby) A. F. W. Schmidt 1

Phaeographis Müll Arg.
dendritica (Ach.) Müll Arg.
sericea (Eschw.) Müll. Arg.

Phaeophyscia Moberg
adiastola (Essl.) Essl. 1
cernohorskyi (Nádv.) Essl 1
ciliata (Hoffm.) Moberg 1
constipata (Norrlin & Nyl.) Moberg 1
decolor (Kashiw.) Essl.
endococcina (Körber) Moberg 1
endococcinodes (Tuck.) Essl. 1
erythrocardia (Tuck.) Essl.
hirsuta (Mereschk.) Essl. 1
hirtella Essl. 1
hispidula (Ach.) Essl. 1
orbicularis (Necker) Moberg 1
pusilloides (Zahlbr.) Essl. 1
rubropulchra (Degel.) Essl. 1
sciastra (Ach.) Moberg 1
squarrosa Kashiwandani (syn. P. imbricata sensu Essl.) 1

Phlyctis Wallr.
argena (Sprengel) Flotow 1

Physcia (Schreber) Michaux
adscendens (Fr.) H. Olivier 1
aipolia (Ehrh. ex Humb.) Fürnr. 1
americana G. Merr. 1
caesia (Hoffm.) Fürnr. 1
dubia (Hoffm.) Lattau 1
millegrana Degel. 1
phaea (Tuck.) J.W. Thomson 1
stellaris (L.) Nyl. 1
subtilis Degel. 1
tenella (Scop.) DC. 1
wainioi Räsänen

Physciella Essl.
chloantha (Ach.) Essl. 1

Physconia Poelt
detersa (Nyl.) Poelt 1
leucoleiptes (Tuck.) Essl. 14
muscigena (Ach.) Poelt 1
perisidiosa (Erichsen) Moberg

Placidium A. Massal.
lachneum (Ach.) Breuss (syn. Catapyrenium l.)
michelii (A. Massal.) Breuss (syn. Catapyrenium m.) 1

Placynthiella Elenkin
dasaea (Stirton) Tønsberg
icmalea (Ach.) Coppins & P. James 1
oligotropha (J. R. Laundon) Coppins & P. James 1
uliginosa (Schrader) Coppins & P. James 1

Placynthium (Ach.) Gray
asperellum (Ach.) Trevisan
nigrum (Hudson) Gray 1

Platismatia Culb. & C. Culb.
glauca (L.) Culb. & C. Culb. 1
tuckermanii (Oakes) Culb. & C. Culb. 1

Polyblastia A. Massal.
cupularis A. Massal. 1
theleodes (Sommerf.) Th. Fr. 1

Polychidium (Ach.) Gray
muscicolum (Sw.) Gray

Polysporina Vezda
simplex (Davies) Vezda 9

Porpidia Körber
albocaerulescens (Wulfen) Hertel & Knoph 1
calcarea Gowan 1, 7
cinereoatra (Ach.) Hertel & Knoph
crustulata (Ach.) Hertel & Knoph 1
diversa Gowan 1, 7
herteliana Gowan 1,7
macrocarpa (DC.) Hertel & Knoph 1
speirea (Ach.) Kremp.
superba (Körber) Hertel & Knoph
thomsonii Gowan 7

Protoblastenia Zahlbr.) J. Steiner
rupestris (Scop.) J. Steiner 1
siebenhaariana (Körber) J. Steiner

Protoparmelia M. Choisy
badia (Hoffm.) Hafellner 1

Pseudevernia Zopf
consocians (Vainio) Hale & Culb. 1

Pseudocyphellaria Vainio
crocata (L.) Vainio 1

Pseudoparmelia Lynge
cubensis (Nyl.) Elix & Nash (syn. Pseudparmelia leucospora)

Psilolechia A. Massal.
lucida (Ach.) M. Choisy 1

Psora Hoffm.
decipiens (Hedwig) Hoffm.
globifera (Ach.) A. Massal. 1

Psorula Gotth. Schneider
rufonigra (Tuck.) Gotth. Schneider 1

Punctelia Krog
bolliana (Müll. Arg.) Krog 1
borreri (Sm.) Krog 1
hypoleucites (Nyl.) Krog 1
rudecta (Ach.) Krog 1
stictica (Duby) Krog 1
subrudecta (Nyl.) Krog

Pyrenocollema Reinke
tichothecioides (Arnold) R.C. Harris 9

Pyrenopsis (Nyl.) Nyl.
phaeococca Tuck.

Pyrenula A. Massal.
laevigata (Pers.) Arnold 1
pseudobufonia (Rehm.) D.C. Harris 1

Pyrrhospora Körber
elabens (Fr.) Hafellner 1
varians (Ach.) R.C. Harris 1

Pyxine Körber Fr.
sorediata (Ach.) Mont. 1

Ramalina Ach
americana Hale 1
calicaris (L.) Fr. 1
culbersonianum LaGreca 11
dilacerata (Hoffm.) Hoffm. 1
farinacea (L.) Ach. 1
fraxinea (L.) Ach. 1
geniculata Hook. f. & Taylor 1
intermedia (Delise ex Nyl.) Nyl. 1
obtusata (Arnold) Bitter 1
pollinaria (Westr.) Ach. 1
roesleri (Hochst. ex Schaerer) Hue 1
sinensis Jatta 1
thrausta (Ach.) Nyl. 1

Rhizocarpon Ramond ex DC.
badioatrum (Flörke ex Sprengel) Th. Fr. 1
cinereonigrum Vainio
cinereovirens (Müll. Arg.) Vainio 1
disporum (Nägeli ex Hepp) Müll. Arg. 1
distinctum Th. Fr. 1
eupetraeum (Nyl.) Blomb. & Forss. 1
geminatum Körber
geographicum (L.) DC. 1
grande (Flörke ex Flotow) Arnold 1
hochstetteri (Körber) Vainio 1
lavatum (Fr.) Hazsl.
lecanorinum Anders 1
lindsayanum Räsänen (possibly a subsp of R. geographicum)
macrosporum Lynge 1
petraeum (Wulfen) A. Massal.
polycarpum (Hepp) Th. Fr. 1
reductum Th. Fr. (syn. R. obscuratum) 1
submodestum (Vainio) Vainio
umbilicatum (Ramond) Flagey

Rhizoplaca Zopf
chrysoleuca (Sm.) Zopf 1
melanophthalma (DC.) Leuckert & Poelt 1
subdiscrepans (Nyl.) R. Sant.

Rimelia Hale & Fletcher
cetrata (Ach.) Hale & Fletcher 1
reticulata (Taylor) M. Choisy

Rimularia Nyl.
caeca (Lowe) Rambold & Printzen 1
insularis (Nyl.) Rambold & Hertel 1

Rinodina (Ach.) Gray
adirondackii H. Magn.
archaea (Ach.) Arnold 9
ascociscana Tuck. 1
colobina (Ach.) Th. Fr. 1
confragosa (Ach.) Körber 1
degeliana Coppins
efflorescens Malme
excrescens Vainio
exigua (Ach.) Gray 1
degeliana Coppins
efflorescens Malme
halei H. Magn 9
metaboliza Vainio 1
milvina (Wahlenb.) Th. Fr.
oxydata (A. Massal.) A. Massal.
papillata H. Magn.
polyspora Th. Fr.
populicola H. Magn. 1
pyrina (Ach.) Arnold
subminuta H. Magn. 1
tephraspis (Tuck.) Herre 1
turfacea (Wahlenb.) Körber 1

Ropalospora A. Massal.
chlorantha (Tuck.) S. Ekman 6

Sarcogyne Flotow
regularis Körber 1

Sarea Fr.
difformis (Fr.) Fr.
resinae (Fr.) Kuntze

Schismatomma Flotow & Körber ex A. Massal.
decolorans (Turner & Borrer ex Sm.) Clauz. & Vezda
pericleum (Ach.) Branth & Rostrup) 9

Sclerophora Chevall.
nivea (Hoffm.) Tibell 9

Scoliciosporum A. Massal.
chlorococcum (Stenh.) Vezda 1
umbrinum (Ach.) Arnold 1

Solorina Ach.
saccata (L.) Ach. 1
spongiosa (Ach.) Anzi 1

*Sphinctrina Fr.
*anglica Nyl. 1
*leucopoda Nyl. (MSC 2)
*turbinata (Pers.) De Not. 1

Spilonema Bornet
revertens Nyl. 1

Staurothele Norman
areolata (Ach.) Lettau 14
clopimoides (Arnold) J. Stein.
drummondii (Tuck.) Tuck. 1
fissa (Taylor) Zwackh 1
monicae (Zahlbr.) Wetmore

Steinia Körber
geophana (Nyl.) Stein

†Stenocybe (Nyl.) Körber
†major (Nyl.) Körber 1
†pullatula (Ach.) Stein 1

Stereocaulon Hoffm.
condensatum Hoffm. 14
dactylophyllum Flörke 1
glaucescens Tuck.
paschale (L.) Hoffm. 1
pileatum Ach. 1
saxatile H. Magn. 1
subcoralloides (Nyl.) Nyl.
tomentosum Fr. 1

Sticta (Schreber) Ach.
fuliginosa (Hoffm.) Ach. 1
beauvoisii Delise 9, 15

Strangospora Körber
microhaema (Norman) R. Anderson 9
ochrophora (Nyl.) R. Anderson 9

Strigula Fr.
stigmatella (Ach.) R.C. Harris 1
submuriformis (R. C. Harris) R. C. Harris 9

Teloschistes Norman
chrysophthalmus (L.) Fr.
flavicans (Sm.) Norm. 9

Tephromela M. Choisy
atra (Hudson) Hafellner 1

Thelidium A. Massal.
minutulum Körber
olivaceum (Fr.) Körber 9
papulare (Fr.) Arnold

Thelocarpon Nyl. ex Hue
epibolum Nyl. 1
†impressellum Nyl.
laureri (Flotow) Nyl. 1

Thelopsis Nyl.
melathelia Nyl. 1

Thelotrema Ach.
lepadinum (Ach.) Ach. 14

Thermutis Fr.
velutina (Ach.) Flotow 1

Thrombium Wallr.
epigaeum (Pers.) Wallr. 1

Toninia A. Massal.
ruginosa (Tuck.) Herre 1
sedifolia (Scop.) Timdal 1
squalida (Ach.) A. Massal. 1
superioris Timdal 17

Trapelia M. Choisy
coarctata (Sm.) M. Choisy
involuta (Taylor) Hertel 1
placodioides Coppins & P. James 1)

Trapeliopsis Hertel & Gotth. Schneider
flexuosa (Fr.) Coppins & P. James 1
gelatinosa (Flörke) Coppins & P. James 1
granulosa (Hoffm.) Lumbsch 1
viridescens (Schrader) Coppins & P. James 1

Trichithelium Müll. Arg.
aeneum (Wallr.) R. C. Harris 9

Trypethelium Sprengel
virens Tuck. ex Michner

Tuckermannopsis Gyelnik
americana (Sprengel) Hale 1
ciliaris (Ach.) Gyelnik 1
fendleri (Nyl.) Hale 1
orbata (Nyl.) M.J. Lai 1
sepincola (Ehrh.) Hale 1

Umbilicaria Hoffm.
americana Poelt & T. Nash 14
deusta (L.) Baumg. 1
hyperborea (Ach.) Hoffm. 1
mammulata (Ach.) Tuck. 1
muehlenbergii (Ach.) Tuck. 1
phaea Tuck. 1
polyphylla (L.) Baumg. 1
torrefacta (Lightf.) Schrader 1
vellea (L.) Hoffm. 1
virginis Schaerer 14

Usnea Dill. ex Adans.
angulata Ach. 9
cavernosa Tuck. 1
ceratina Ach. 1
cornuta Körber
diplotypus Vainio
filipendula Stirton (syn. U dasypoga for N. America) 1)
fulvoreagens (Räsänen) Räsänen
glabrescens (Nyl. ex Vainio) Vainio
hirta (L.) F.H. Wigg. 1
lapponica Vainio 1
longissima Ach. 1
mutabilis Stirton 9
rubicunda Stirton
subfloridana Stirton 1
subfusca Stirton
subscrabosa Mot.
substerilis Mot.
wasmuthii Räsänen

Verrucaria Schrader
aethiobola Wahlenb. 1
elaeomelaena (A. Massal.) Arnold 9
funckii (Sprengel) Zahlbr. 1
glaucovirens Grummann 1
macrostoma forma furfuracea B. de Lesd.
margacea (Wahlenb) Wahlenb. 1
muralis Ach. 1
nigrescens Pers. 1
rheitrophila Zschacke
viridula (Schrader) Ach. 1

Vulpicida J.-E. Mattsson & M. J. Lai
pinastri (Scop.) J.-E. Mattsson & M. J. Lai 1

Xanthoparmelia (Vainio) Hale
angustiphylla (Gyelnik) Hale
conspersa (Ehrh. ex Ach.) Hale 1
cumberlandia (Gyelnik) Hale 1
hypomelaena (Hale) Hale 9
lineola (E. C. Berry) Hale 14
mexicana (Gyelnik) Hale 1
plittii (Gyelnik) Hale
somloënsis (Gyelnik) Hale 14
tasmanica (Hook. f. & Taylor) Hale 1

Xanthoria (Fr.) Th. Fr.
candelaria (L.) Th. Fr. 1
elegans (Link) Th. Fr. 1
fallax (Hepp) Arnold 1
fulva (Hoffm.) Poelt & Petutschnig 12
hasseana Räsänen 12
polycarpa (Hoffm.) Rieber 1
sorediata (Vainio) Poelt 1
ulophyllodes Räsänen 12

Xylographa (Fr.) Fr.
disseminata Willey 1
parellela (Ach. & Fr.) Behlen & Desberger 1
vitiligo (Ach.) J.R. Laundon 1

* lichenicolous fungi
† non-lichenized fungi

Added to list
Arthonia vinosa Leighton - the specimen in MICH provisionally determined as A. helvola is better placed here as the ascospores are mostly (1-)2 septate with only a few 3-septate.
Arthopyrenia ?cinereopruinosa (Schaerer)A. Massal.  - a specimen in MICH from Isle Royale NP (Keweenaw Co.) described as ‘like A. lapponica, but smaller in all respects’ by Harris is probably this species.
Aspicilia grisea Arnold - a specimen in MICH collected from Isle Royale NP (Keweenaw Co.) is referable to this taxon.  This is the first record from N. America.
Caloplaca ahtii Søchting - several specimens in MSC were referred to this taxon by Dr. Søchting.
Caloplaca xanthostigmoidea (Räsänen) Zahlbr. - several specimens in MSC have been referred to this taxon by Dr Wetmore.
Fuscopannaria confusa (P. M. Jørg.) P. M. Jørg. - The Bryologist 103(4): 670-704.
Lecanora thysanophora R. C. Harris - The Bryologist 103(4): 790-793.
Sclerophora nivea (Hoffm.) Tibell - inadvertently omitted from the published list.  The species is reported by Harris (1997).
Verrucaria macrostoma Dufour ex DC. f. furfuracea B. de Lesd. - a specimen in MSC from Baker Woodlot on the MSU campus, previously identified as Endocarpon pusillum, is refered here.  It is the sorediate morph of V. macrostoma and apparently new to N. America.

Removed from List
Aspicilia calcarea (L.) Mudd – most Michigan records appear to be referable to A. contorta (C. Wetmore pers. comm.).
Usnea glabrata (Ach.) Vainio - Michigan specimens previously referred to U. sorediifera are U. lapponica.

Other Changes
Rhizocarpon reductum Th. Fr. (syn. R.obscuratum) - Fryday (2000) showed that the name R. obscuratum had been mis-applied and that the species usually known by that name was better called R. reductum.

Appendix - Excluded Taxa

Collections of the following taxa have been recorded from Michigan but have not been included in the current Checklist.

Mis-identifications for N. America
Anaptychia ciliaris (L.) Körber (for North America = A . setifera) MSC (38)
Arthopyrenia rhyponta (Ach.) A. Massal. MICH (1)
Bacidia incompta (Borrer ex Hook.) Anzi, National Park
Bacidia sabuletorum (Schreber) Lettau (syn. Mycobilimbia s.) National Park,  MSC (41)
Eopyrenula leucoplaca (Wallr.) R.C. Harris, National Park
Lecanora argopholis (Ach.) Ach. (L. frustulosa for N. America) National Park, MSC (16)
Ochrolechia pallescens (L.) A. Massal.MICH (1)
Pertusaria pertusa (for North America = P. consocians), reported in Medlin 1996
Physconia distorta (With.) J.R. Laundon, National Park, MSC (3)
Physconia grisea (Lam.) Poelt, MSC (1)
Pyrenula nitida (Weigel) Ach., MICH (1)
Ramalina fastigiata (Pers.) Ach. (probably = R. americana) MSC (38)
Sticta wiegelii (Ach.) Vainio, MICH (1)
Usnea plicata (L.) Weber, MICH (1)
Rhizocarpon plicatile (Leighton) A.L. Smith (possibly R. rubescens), National Park
Xanthoparmelia hypopsila (Müll. Arg.) Hale (most specimens are X. angustiphylla), National Park, MSC (4)
Xanthoparmelia taractica (Kremp.) Hale (eastern N. A. specimens are mostly X. somloënsis), National Park, MSC (26)

Uncertain Identification
Bryoria lanestris (Ach.) Brodo & D. Hawksw., MSC (2)
Bryoria nadvornikiana (Gyelnik) Brodo & D. Hawksw., National Park, MSC (30)
Calicium italicum nomen confusum MSC (1)
Cladonia subtenuis (Abbayes) Hale & Culb., MSC (1)
Dermatocarpon reticulatum H. Magn., National Park, MSC (2)
Lasallia pustulata (L.) Mérat, MSC (3)

Dubious Locality
Alectoria sarmentosa (Ach.) Ach. subsp. sarmentosa - One specimen in MSC from 'Chatham MI' (UP) is probably mislabelled (I.M. Brodo)

Taxa not on N. American Checklist (Esslinger 1998)
Arthonia helvola (Nyl.) Nyl. MICH (1)
Caloplaca pyracea (Ach.) Th. Fr., annotated by U. Søchting (June 1999) MSC (41)
Cladonia cristatella forma ramosa Tuck., reported in Manierre 1999
Cladonia cristatella forma squamosissima Robb., reported in Manierre 1999
Heterodermia boreale Imsh. in ed., MSC (33)
Heterodermia spathulata Imsh. H. galactophylla sensu Kurokawa, MSC (14)
Ramalina cainii H. Magn., annotated by Magnusson MSC (2)
Ramalina confusa H. Magn., annotated by Magnusson MSC (6)
Ramalina michiganensis H. Magn., annotated by Magnusson MSC (2)
Rinodina magnussonii Sheard, MICH (6)
Rinodina verrucosa Sheard in ed., MSC (1)

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